How many calories in 100g of coconut rice ? Does eating coconut rice make you fat?


“How many calories in coconut rice?” is a question that many women are interested in when they are on a weight loss diet. To help you better understand the nutritional composition and calorie content of coconut rice, Vihaba  will analyze and synthesize the information in the article below.

How many calories in 100g of coconut  rice ?

Coconut meat or coconut meat is the iron part with a white shell, a characteristic aroma and a sweet, easy-to-eat taste. Scientists say that coconut meat contains many nutrients, especially fiber, which has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, while preventing the risk of diseases related to the heart and blood pressure.

So how many calories does coconut meat have? For this type of food, depending on how young or old it is, it will contain different calories. To answer this question, experts say you should find out how many calories are in 100g of coconut rice to know its average nutritional content.

  • 100g of dried coconut rice has about 368 calories.


Depending on the level of youth and age, it will contain different calorie content.

Does eating coconut rice make you fat?

After finding out how many calories coconut rice has, many women are probably wondering whether eating coconut rice makes them fat. Through analysis of the ingredients, it can be seen that the calorie content in coconut meat is quite high. Both rice and coconut water provide necessary nutrients for the body.

In addition, coconut meat also contains a lot of saturated fat. When consumed in the body, it accumulates under the skin and internal organs and is not excreted into the outside environment. Thus, coconut is a food that can cause your body to gain weight quickly if eaten irregularly and out of control.

However, for those who love this food but still want to lose weight, you can choose young coconut rice or drink unsweetened coconut water.

Coconut is a food

Coconut is a food that can make your body gain weight quickly.

Is coconut rice good?

Even though it has a high nutritional content, as in the answer to how many calories in coconut rice above. But don’t let that make you decide to refuse coconut rice. Because they contain arginine – an effective diabetes treatment.

This substance is believed to be an important amino acid for the functioning of pancreatic cells. They are responsible for releasing the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

In one experiment, diabetic rats fed protein made from coconut meat had much better blood sugar, insulin levels and other markers of glucose metabolism than those who did not.

At the same time, the high fiber content in coconut meat can also help slow digestion and improve insulin resistance, which can help regulate blood sugar levels. More specifically, coconut meat also contains phenolics – antioxidants that can help protect cells from the harmful effects of oxidation.

With the above benefits, if you want to lose weight, instead of not eating coconut rice, you should build a diverse diet that includes this food. Combining hard running, playing badminton, and jumping rope to burn calories will help you maintain a slim figure.

Desiccated Coconut.

Coconut rice contains many nutrients that are good for our health.

How to eat coconut rice without gaining weight

Be careful when eating coconut rice

As we have analyzed how many calories coconut rice has, it can be seen that this is a food containing many nutrients. For those who want to lose weight, instead of eating old coconut rice or dried coconut rice, you should prioritize choosing young coconuts and water to limit calorie intake.

Furthermore, when eating coconut rice, you should only eat a sufficient amount, do not take in too many calories from coconut rice at the same time, to avoid the accumulation of substances that cause fat.

coconuts to limit calorie

You should prioritize choosing young coconuts to limit calorie intake.

Drink coconut water to lose weight effectively

Although coconut rice can increase the risk of obesity, coconut water is an extremely ideal choice in the weight loss process. Coconut water contains many ingredients such as mineral salts, calcium, potassium, chloride and is especially fat-free. Therefore, drinking coconut water will help eliminate excess fat and toxins accumulated in the body, helping us lose weight quickly. As long as you continuously drink coconut water in combination with a harmonious and reasonable diet policy, you will have a slim figure.

Pay special attention when choosing drinking coconut:

– You should drink whole coconut water, do not choose pre-peeled coconut because it is often bleached, easily affecting your health.

– You should not drink coconut water at night because it can easily cause a cold in the stomach, causing other problems such as difficulty sleeping, windstroke or affecting the digestive system.

– You should only drink 1 coconut a day because drinking too much will be counterproductive.

– Do not drink coconut water after coming back from the sun because it can easily cause indigestion, bloating, and is not good for the digestive system.

– Do not drink coconut water after physical activity because it will make your limbs and muscles more tired and reduce your physical strength.

desiccated coconut

Coconut water is an extremely ideal choice in the weight loss process.

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