The district with the largest cinnamon area in Lao Cai – Bao Yen

Last week, we were at the first stop of Lao Cai province. Today, the Shades of Vietnam train will take you to a district, which is the largest cinnamon area in Lao Cai. Let’s go deeper and explore Bao Yen district. We already know that cinnamon is the main crop of Lao Cai province, bringing great changes to the lives of indigenous people. Although not the first place to plant, Bao Yen has become famous for the largest cinnamon area in the province. So what has brought about such a big change in this land?

– Bao Yen district is the eastern gateway of Lao Cai province

– Cinnamon trees were planted scattered in the district 30 – 40 years ago

– Bao Yen cinnamon has significantly improved people’s lives

– Bao Yen district is the first district to receive FSC certificate

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