Collection of ways to make super delicious desiccated coconut.

av desiccated coconut

What do you think desiccated coconut is? For some people, this is the name used to refer to the white coconut pulp inside the fruit. However, some people will understand that this is a rice dish cooked with coconut. Both of these understandings are correct, but in this article Vihaba will only talk about the meaning of coconut rice in way 2. Everyone, please read to learn more ways to make delicious coconut rice!

What effects does desiccated coconut have?

With the main ingredients being rice and coconut, when combined together, the dish will bring users many benefits. Rice will provide starch and nutrients to nourish the body, create energy, helping people be full of vitality, fresh and healthy. Coconut will bring effects such as protecting the cardiovascular system, improving the digestive system, increasing immunity, helping to beautify the skin… When you eat coconut rice, you will absorb all of the above benefits, thanks to that. and the body becomes healthier day by day.

desiccated coconut

What effects does desiccated coconut have?

Summary of 5 extremely easy ways to make desiccated coconut that can be made right at home

It must be admitted that coconut has many different ways of processing, each style has its own flavor and dish. So that everyone doesn’t miss any of the methods, Vihaba has compiled them all right here!

Rice cooked in coconut water


  • Plain rice: 300g
  • Coconut water: 300ml
  • Waterdesiccated coconut

    Coconut water to cook rice


  • Rice: put the rice in the pot, cover with water, then gently squeeze the rice with your hands to clean the rice, then pour out all the water.
  • Coconut water: when you buy it, pour it into a bowl, wait for the coconut water to settle, then pour it back into another bowl. The purpose is to filter residue and shredded coconut shells, if any.

Pour coconut water and filtered water into rice. Ratio: 2 parts coconut water – 1 part filtered water. Because coconut water has a naturally sweet taste, if it is not mixed with filtered water, when the rice is cooked, the taste will be intensely sweet, making it brackish – difficult to eat.

Cook rice as usual. When the water dries up and the rice softens, the rice is cooked

Coconut rice is milky white in color, fragrant, and tastes sweet. You can eat rice with side dishes such as meat, fish, shrimp,… all are delicious.

desiccated coconut

Rice cooked in delicious white coconut water.

Rice cooked with fresh coconut


  • Rice: 350g
  • Fresh coconut pulp: 100g
  • Water:


It’s also fresh coconut, but instead of using the water, this method will use the pulp.

First, you still process and clean the rice

Coconut: Use a grater to grate the pulp into very small pieces. The smaller the coconut, the softer and smoother the coconut will be, thus cooking delicious rice. Or if you don’t have a grate, you have to manually slice each piece of coconut into very thin, thread-like pieces

Add coconut, mix well with rice, measure enough water and put in pot to cook. When the rice cooker switches to warming mode, use a spoon to stir it and wait another 15 minutes to use it.

desiccated coconut

Rice cooked with grated coconut.

Rice cooked with dried coconut


  • Rice: 400
  • Dried coconut: 50g
  • Coconut milk: 300ml


Wash the rice and put it in the pot to cook. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut milk to the pot (about 10g is enough) because if you add too much, the rice will be too greasy.

Add prepared coconut water to the rice pot, measure just enough water so that the rice is neither mushy nor dry and proceed to cook.

Dried coconut: put it in a blender and grind it into small pieces, be careful not to grind too thoroughly to avoid the coconut being crushed like powder.

When the rice is cooked, take the rice into a bowl, sprinkle coconut flakes on top and enjoy. To make the dish more attractive, you should choose to cook rice with sticky rice. When eaten, it almost resembles sticky rice, chewing and feeling great.

desiccated coconut

Rice cooked with dried coconut.

Rice cooked with coconut


  • Rice: 150g
  • Fresh coconut: 1 fruit


Rice: Prepare and clean the rice first and then set aside

Coconut: use a knife to remove the green shell and a little outer pulp. Only keep half of the coconut pulp and skull inside. When cutting off the shell, make the bottom of the fruit level so that the coconut can stand straight and not tilt.

Divide the coconut stem into 2 parts in a 4:1 ratio and use a sharp knife to cut off the part. Take the coconut water out, keep 2 parts of the skull to use as a place to cook rice.

Put the rice into the larger coconut shell, add coconut water to cook together. Note that the amount of rice is only about 2/3 of a coconut because the rice will expand when cooked so it needs free space. Use the small coconut skull to cover as a lid

Prepare a steamer, add coconut and steam for 30 minutes.

Desiccated Coconut

Rice cooked in coconut

When the rice is cooked, you can eat it straight from the bowl or spoon it into a bowl. This type of cooking in coconut will increase the deliciousness, the rice will have a very attractive sweetness from the pulp.

Coconut rice with raisins


  • Rice: 350g
  • Raisins: 60g
  • Dried coconut: 50g
  • Water


This style of cooking rice is a bit different, but the taste is also worth trying, make it and enjoy it to see if it suits your taste!

Add rice and raisins together, rinse with water once. Add coconut water to cook the rice.

Scoop the cooked rice into a bowl, sprinkle dried coconut on top and you’re done. Because this type of rice is naturally sweet, we will eat it right away without needing to use other side dishes. When eating, remember to chew slowly to feel the sweetness most clearly.

desiccated coconut

Rice cooked with coconut and raisins

How many calories in desiccated coconut? Does eating make you gain weight?

Compared to regular cooked white rice, the calories in coconut rice will be slightly higher, at about 163 calories/100g. However, coconut has a long-lasting satiety effect, so you only need to eat about 200-250g to feel full. Thanks to that, the total calories absorbed at each meal is not too much and also does not cause the user to gain weight. You can maintain this way of eating every day or 3-4 days a week if you feel it suits your taste.

Some notes to keep desiccated coconut fragrant and not bland when processed.

There are many types of coconut, some are good and some are bad. To choose the best quality coconut, you should buy it in season and use freshly picked coconut.

How to preserve coconut

Keep the green shell of the coconut intact, only take out the water when needed, not in advance and store in the refrigerator.

In case you need to carry the coconut from one place to another, you can remove the outer shell to lighten it, but you must still keep the skull and not cut it off. Store coconut in a cool, low-temperature place to avoid making the coconut water sour and spoiled

desiccated coconut

Tips for preserving fresh coconut

Dosage used

In all ways to cook rice, you should only use a sufficient amount of coconut/coconut water. Adding too much will not make the rice more delicious, but on the contrary, it will make the rice uneven and difficult to eat.

The specific dosage depends on the amount of rice you cook. The following general ratios can be applied: 300ml coconut water/500g rice, 200g coconut meat/500g rice and 100g dried coconut/100g rice.

The model of a restaurant cooking rice in a coconut is still not very popular today, you can absolutely take advantage of this unique method to open a small restaurant. Who knows if it will be successful? To open a coconut rice restaurant, the cost is not too high, you just need to prepare: ingredients: rice, coconut, side dishes,…, equipment: table, chairs, industrial rice cabinet, bowls, chopsticks,… With only the above equipment and ingredients, you can open a coconut rice shop. Why don’t you try it?

Hopefully Vihaba’s above methods of making desiccated coconut will contribute to enriching your menu! Let’s go to the kitchen and show off our skills!

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