Summary of coconut types in Vietnam: Characteristics, benefits and prices.

Coconut is a popular crop in Vietnam. Today, let’s join Vihaba to learn about the types of coconuts available on the market!

In Vietnam, there are many varieties of coconut with different characteristics and uses such as: refreshing, making cakes, making sweet soup, making coconut milk… coconuts for handicrafts. Please follow the article below to learn some tips on distinguishing different types of coconut!

Green coconut.

Green Siamese coconut is the most popular drinking coconut variety in the Mekong Delta. Thin, green shell, coconut water has a sweet taste (7-7.5% sugar), very cool. One green coconut can give up to 350ml of water.

This type of coconut has an average yield of 140-150 fruits/tree/year.

Green Siamese coconuts cost from 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND/fruit.

In addition, you can also buy canned green coconut water products to enjoy the sweet taste of this fruit.

Dừa xanh
Green coconut

 Dwarf coconut.

Dwarf Siamese coconut, also known as Siamese coconut, is a coconut variety that has been around for a long time but only recently had a name to distinguish it from green Siamese coconut and pineapple Siamese coconut…. Until now, many growers inside and outside Ben Tre province also call them by another name, Siamese coconut.

đếm 2

Dwarf coconut

The fruit is lighter green than green sapodilla and somewhat similar to green. Dwarf coconut has 2 follicles, the shell is very thin so it gives a lot of water. In particular, this coconut variety produces more fruits than green Siamese coconuts, on average each chamber has more than a dozen coconuts (each dozen is 12 fruits).

Dwarf coconuts cost from 11,000 VND – 20,000 VND/fruit.

Red Siamese coconut

This coconut shell is reddish brown in color, the juice has a sweet taste (7-7.5% sugar), the water volume is 250-350ml/fruit. Red Siamese coconut is widely consumed.

Dried red Siamese coconut meat will be used for oil, to make cakes, jams, candy, and by-products used as animal feed or fertilizer.


đếm 3

Red Siamese coconut

Besides, dried red Siamese coconut rice is a stable export item with high economic efficiency.

Coconut shells are also used to make eye-catching handicraft products.

Red Siamese coconut costs from 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND/fruit.

Six green coconut

Siamese coconut is the best drinking coconut variety today. The coconut shell is very thin, dark green in color, the juice is very sweet (8-9% sugar), water volume is 250-300ml/fruit.

Siamese coconut is one of the most popular types of coconut on the market.

Siamese coconut costs from 13,000 VND to 19,000 VND/fruit.

dừa 4

Six green coconut

Fire coconut

The reason it is called Siamese fire coconut is because this coconut variety has a very beautiful, orange-yellow shell. This coconut variety produces very large fruits, 140 – 150 fruits/tree/year.

Although the fruit is a bit small, the juice volume reaches 250-300ml/fruit, the juice is sweet (6.5-7% sugar).

Siamese coconut can be grown to get fruit for drinking water combined with exploiting coconut garden eco-tourism.

Fire coconut costs from 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND/fruit.

dừa 5

Fire coconut

 Coconut palm

Siamese coconut is one of the coconut varieties that produces very delicious and sweet juice (8 – 8.5% sugar), with an average yield of 100 – 120 fruits/tree/year.

The fruit’s skin is green, the bottom of the fruit has a small knob protruding, the water volume is 250 – 350ml/fruit. This coconut variety is grown in small quantities in Hung Phong – Giong Trom and a few other places.

dừa 6

Coconut palm

Malay Coconut

dừa 7.1

Malaysian Coconut

Malaysian coconut (also known as Malay coconut, red Siamese coconut) scientific name Cocos Nucifera. This is a new coconut variety grown and cultivated in some places in the West. Because of its outstanding productivity and very high economic efficiency, the Malay coconut variety is currently being invested in for long-term development.

Although the fruit is small and small like a dwarf coconut, the water in the Malay coconut is abundant and has a sweet taste not inferior to the Siamese coconut.

Malaysian coconuts cost about 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND/1 fruit.

Strawberry coconut (red strawberry coconut)

Strawberry coconut

Strawberry coconut is the second most popular tall coconut variety in Vietnam, after ta coconut.

Round fruit, also has 3 colors (green strawberry, yellow strawberry and red strawberry). This coconut variety has an average yield of 70-80 fruits/tree/year, average fruit size, coconut meat 10 – 12mm thick, fresh coconut meat weight 300-400g, high oil content (63%-65%) .

Strawberry coconut costs from 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND/fruit.


dừa 8


This is the most popular tall coconut variety in Vietnam, the fruit has 3 slits, has 3 colors (green, yellow, red, also known as fire coconut). Our coconut has an average yield of 60-70 fruits/tree/year, large fruit size, 11 – 13 mm thick coconut meat, high oil content (63%-65%). Our coconut has a selling price of: 10,000 VND. – 15,000/fruit

Pineapple coconut.

Pineapple coconut is also a drinking coconut variety with high quality and economic value. Because all parts of the pineapple coconut have a characteristic pandan leaf aroma, this variety of coconut is called pineapple coconut.

dừa 9

 Pineapple coconut.

On the market, pineapple coconuts are divided into 3 different groups:

Group I: The fruit is round, small in size, the skin is green, the juice is very sweet (8 – 8.5% sugar) and has the strongest aroma.

Group II: The fruit is medium in size, the skin is green, the juice is moderately sweet (7 – 7.5% sugar) and has a light aroma.

Group III: The fruit is large in size like our coconut, with a green or yellow shell, moderate sweetness (6 – 6.5%) and the lightest aroma of the 3 types.

Price ranges: 15,000 – 20,000 VND/fruit.

Coconut wax.

Waxed coconut is also known as solid coconut or creamed coconut.

The waxy coconut fruit is very dense, has soft and spongy coconut meat, and the water is thick like glue, very fragrant. Wax coconut is used to make desserts, candies, coconut wax ice cream… very delicious, with a very unique flavor.

Coconut wax.

If you look from the outside, the wax coconut tree and fruit are no different from normal coconut trees. Therefore, to distinguish the wax fruit, people must use their hands to shake the coconut. Any fruit that does not shake does not make a sound or has an unclear sound, then it is likely to be a wax fruit.

Wax coconut is grown widely in Hoa Tan commune, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province and neighboring provinces.

In Vietnam, coconut wax has 2 types of consistency:

The first type: The thickness of coconut rice is the same as normal coconut, but the rice is soft and the water is a bit viscous. This type of dense coconut fruit is usually large, shaped like a green coconut, or large, round, brown fruit.

The second type: Coconut rice is thicker, has two distinct layers, the outer layer of coconut rice is soft like mushy rice and the inner layer of coconut rice is puffy like cotton. Coconut water is very thick and clear white in color. This type of fruit is round, about the size of a green strawberry coconut.

Because of its rarity and quality, the selling price of wax coconut can range from 150,000 VND – 250,000 VND/fruit.

Nipa coconut (coconut leaves)

Nipa coconut

Nipa palm is a typical tree in the Southwest region, found in abundance in river banks and brackish water canals.

Nipa coconut has white, soft flesh, sweet taste, cool properties and is often used to prepare dishes to help cool and refresh.

Nipa coconut costs about 12,000 – 15,000 VND.

Tam Quang Coconut.

Tam Quang coconut is a coconut variety with very beautiful colors originating from Tam Quang (Binh Dinh), grown for drinking water.

The thin skin of the fruit is bright yellow, the juice has a sweet taste (7.5 – 8% sugar), the juice volume is 250-350ml/fruit.

dừa 13

Tam Quang Coconut.

Tam Quang coconut is believed by people to have cooling properties that can be used to treat diseases.

People often buy this type of coconut during Tet holidays because it has many meanings in feng shui and worship.

The selling price of this type of coconut ranges from 13,000 VND to 19,000 VND/fruit.

Brown (red) coconut

The brown coconut is a coconut variety that drinks water and has very good fruit, yielding up to 250-300 fruits/tree/year.

The coconut is small in size, the shell is brown like a red coconut, the coconut water is sweet (7-7.5% sugar), the water volume is 100-150ml/fruit.

Brown coconuts are used to make coconut ice cream, coconut jelly and create landscapes for ecotourism.

Brown (red) coconut

Green coconut

Green coconut is also a water-drinking coconut variety with very good fruit, yielding 250-300 fruits/tree/year.

Coconuts are small in size, the shell is green, the juice is sweet (7-7.5% sugar), the water volume is 100-150ml/fruit.

This coconut variety is grown in small quantities in Ben Tre, Tien Giang and the Mekong Delta provinces.

dừa 15

Green coconut

The above article has compiled some delicious and popular coconut varieties in Vietnam. Vihaba hopes to bring useful information as well as help you distinguish the many rich coconut varieties available on the market today!

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