Collection of ways to make super delicious desiccated coconut.

avt desicated coconut

Desiccated coconut is a popular delicacy not only during Tet. Usually eaten with sweet soup, eating alone is also very delicious. In this article, Vihaba will guide you how to make crispy dried coconut and how to choose coconut, separate coconut and preserve it for the longest time.

How to make desiccated coconut is extremely simple.

Prepare materials.

Choose old coconuts, sugar, Tools: knife, cutting board, bowl, pan, oven (or dryer),

Simple way to make

Simple way to make crispy desiccated coconut

Process materials:

Separate the hard shell of the coconut, peel off the brown outer shell and wash it, then use the handle of a knife to tap around the coconut skull, chop and cut a line in the middle of the coconut and pour the coconut water into a bowl.

Slice the coconut meat into thin slices, wash thoroughly with water a few times until the water is clear and the coconut oil is reduced, take the coconut out into a basket to drain.

Process materials

Process materials

 Dry coconut

Heat the pan on the stove, then add the coconut rice, coconut water and 50g sugar, bring to a boil and then lower the heat to medium

Stir well until the water dries up to avoid burning.

Dry coconut with dryer

Put the coconut rice on the dryer tray and dry it at 120 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes

Pay attention to check so that the coconut does not burn

When the coconut turns yellow, you can leave it for another 2 minutes and then turn off the machine

Take out the coconut tray, let the coconut cool before you can enjoy.

Finished desiccated coconut products

The piece of coconut rice is dried until golden brown. When eaten, it feels crispy, delicious and has a moderate sweetness from the coconut water

desiccated coconut products

Finished desiccated coconut products

Desiccated coconut can be eaten directly or served with sweet soup, fresh cream or yogurt and tofu, all of which are very unique and delicious.

Secrets to making delicious desiccated coconut

 Be sure to choose quality coconut

You should choose mature fruits with thick and crunchy coconut flesh to get a delicious and satisfying finished product

You should not choose young coconuts, because young coconuts are only suitable for making coconut jam

You should buy whole coconuts and then ask the coconut seller to add them to you to save time because those fruits take a long time to heal

You can buy pre-peeled coconut to save time.

 Note when processing.

Coconut meat should be cut into 2-3 finger long strips with wide edges

Marinate the coconut pulp with brown sugar for about 5-6 hours to let the coconut absorb the sweetness

How to preserve desiccated coconut to keep it longer

Use a zip bag.

After drying, coconut needs to be stored in a zip-lock bag for ease of use and longer storage to avoid getting wet.

Store in a jar with a lid.

We should use glass jars with tight lids. Before adding dried coconut, wipe the jar thoroughly clean and dry completely. You can use an additional desiccant packet to preserve it.


Preserving Desiccated coconut by vacuum will preserve the dried coconut longer, limiting the oxidation process. Should be divided into small bags for easy use.


How to preserve desiccated coconut to keep it longer

Unexpected benefits of desiccated coconut

Desiccated coconut helps keep your heart healthy.

Desiccated coconut contains a lot of fiber so it is especially good for heart health. When eating desiccated coconut, you will absorb the necessary fiber and effectively reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Desiccated coconut helps improve brain function.

Desiccated coconut contains substances that help improve brain function and at the same time help improve brain health. When used regularly, desiccated coconut also helps slow the development of many brain-related diseases. .

 Helps reduce bleeding.

Desiccated coconut contains a lot of iron, so it can help prevent anemia. Adding desiccated coconut to daily meals will improve anemia very effectively, overcoming the negative consequences that cause seriously affects health.

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