Vietnam agriculture news: Vietnam’s cashew and pepper exports increase


Vietnamese agriculture products are conquering many countries around the world, including Japan and the EU. With the Japanese market, Vietnam’s cashew has received a lot of attention. Vietnamese cashew is also a hot-selling and popular product in the European market.

Vietnamese agriculture products account for a large market share in Japan

Cashew nut is one of Vietnam’s agro- products that captured a large market share in the Japanese market (accounting for over 42%).
Japanese importers are increasingly interested in Vietnamese cashew nuts.
Japanese importers are increasingly interested in Vietnamese cashew nuts. If you go to the supermarket , you are guaranteed to see Vietnamese cashew nuts.
Many other groups and agricultural products of Vietnam have also claimed a high market share in Japan such as: dried banana which accounted for 78.5%; the lychee, longan, rambutan group accounted for 43%; durian 46.2%; spinach 26%; pepper 25%; cinnamon 17%; coconut accounts for 16.5%; green coffee 14.7%…
Japan is a market with great consumption power for imported agricultural, aquatic, and food products. Japan keeps a high import demand for fish, coffee,… Many of these commodities are Vietnamese strengths in export.
There are currently about 500,000 Vietnamese people living and working in Japan. Vietnamese agriculture products are becoming increasingly popular in this market.
Currently, a number of Vietnamese products have successfully penetrated the distribution chain in Japan. Coconut water and coconut milk products… have been imported and distributed by KOME Company. Vietnamese coffee products have exported and sold at the OK supermarket chain.
Along with the innovation in consumer tastes, the Japanese are increasingly interested in high-quality products imported from abroad. Vietnam’s agriculture are appearing with an increase on the shelves of major supermarket chains in Japan.

Cashew nuts from Vietnam account for 90% of the market in the UK

The UK imported 3.4 thousand tons of Vietnamese cashew nuts worth USD 22.53 million in January-February, up 14.3% in volume and 38% in value year on year.
The market share of Vietnamese cashews in total UK imports climbed from 78.72 percent in 2021 to 90.95 percent in the first two months of 2022.
The market share of Vietnamese cashews left a huge gap between them and other suppliers such as India (2.83 percent); the Netherlands (2.12 percent), and Côte d’Ivoire (156 percent)…
According to the International Trade Agency, the United Kingdom imported 2 thousand tons of cashew nuts for USD 13.17 million in February 2022. It up 12% in volume and 9.1% in value from January 2022, but down 14.7 percent in volume and 10.2% in value year on year.
Cashew nut exports from the United Kingdom were 3.7 thousand tons in the first two months of 2022, worth USD 25.24 million. It down 1.1 percent in volume but up 6.7 percent in value over the same time the previous year.

Vietnamese agriculture: Pepper exports to the EU market in the first quarter increased by 92.9%

570 GL MC
Vihaba Black Pepper had exported many containers to the international market in 2021 and 2022
In 2021, the EU imported pepper from the world market to reach EUR 413.74 million ($438.56 million), up 28.3% compared to 2020. Of which, the EU imported 123 pepper from Vietnam. million EUR ($130.45 million), an increase of 46.9% compared to 2020. Vietnam’s pepper market share accounted for 29.75% of the EU’s total import value, higher than 25.98% in 2020.
Updating the latest published data from the European Statistical Office, in January 2022, the EU’s pepper imports from the world market reached EUR 43.56 million (USD 46.17 million), a sharp increase of 66% compared to that of the world market. with January 2021. In which, the EU imported pepper from Vietnam with over 13 million EUR (13.87 million USD), up to 110.8% compared to January 2021. Among EU member markets, Germany and the Netherlands are main market for Vietnam to export pepper.
In the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), EU countries commit to eliminating tariffs on pepper products (HS code 0904) as soon as the Agreement comes into effect. Experts say that the effective EVFTA will be a good lever for Vietnamese businesses to increase exports to EU countries, especially for processed products that previously had a tax rate of 5-9%.
The incentives from the Agreement are being effectively utilized by businesses. The export turnover of pepper to the EU has increased continuously in recent years. In 2022, the EU will continue to increase pepper imports from Vietnam.

Vietnamese agriculture needs to build a brand, increase turnover

In the coming time, Vietnam is expected to take advantage of opportunities to develop the pepper processing industry. While investors in the EU move their processing plants to Vietnam to take advantage of cheap raw materials and labor to creating a driving force to promote pepper exports to EU markets.
However, experts say that there are still certain difficulties. Because the challenges for pepper businesses that want to export to the EU can include strict standards on food safety and traceability. On the other hand, Vietnam’s pepper enterprises are facing many challenges in accessing the EU market such as a lack of information on market needs, tastes, and customer access channels.
Besides, the brand recognition for pepper products in the EU market is not competitive enough. Meanwhile, businesses lack effective mechanisms to improve the industry’s capacity and promote products for the EU market… making the industry’s common voice not strong. EU is a potential market although difficult.
However, the spice industry is the criteria for managing residues of pesticides and fertilizers. The EU market sets very high standards and is expanding to a stricter degree.
In addition to standards on production methods, the EU market also requires standards such as Fairtrade (fair trade).
Enterprises in the pepper and spice industry are all following the direction of sustainable farming. Therefore, they have established production linkages in the raw material areas. However, the production linkages are not strong enough and the expansion of linkages still faces many difficulties due to capital problems and export output.
Besides, the branding on the individual scale of each business has been done. However, to have a unified image and build a common reputation for the industry at an international level, support resources are needed.

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