Vietnamese coffee exporting increases in the Chinese market, Pepper exports to Europe nearly doubled


Vietnamese agricultural products are increasingly of great value. Vietnamese coffee increases rapidly in the Chinese market. Vietnam has exported twice as much pepper to the European market.

Vietnamese coffee increases and strives to find a foothold in the Chinese market,

Tea is the traditional drink of the Chinese with a very long history of trading with many other countries around the world. But now, coffee is emerging as a potential drink that makes China becoming an important market.

Vietnamese beverage industry is paying more and more attention to this huge market, in which the coffee sector sees a bright future if it finds a foothold in the Chinese market.

According to the Department of Trade Promotion, Vietnam’s beverage export has made many new strides; and built a reputation in the world market in recent years. With the largest population in the world, China is a very potential market for many Vietnamese products, including beverages. Vietnamese tea and coffee are holding good positions in the Chinese market. Currently, tea is still China’s traditional drink and is widely purchased in the country, but demand for coffee is on the rise.

Besides, China’s social development, changing lifestyle also contribute to the increasing demand for instant coffee in the country. These factors, in addition to its close geographical location; can give Vietnam’s beverage industry a very advantageous position in comparison with other producers.

According to market research firm Mordor Intelligence; the Chinese coffee market is forecasted to grow at an average of 10.42% per year between 2022 and 2027.

Currently, there are nearly 80 countries and territories supplying coffee and coffee products to China. Among those, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, etc., are in a group of main suppliers.

According to the Department of Trade Promotion, China is a large but highly competitive market. Therefore, to export Vietnamese beverages to this market, Vietnamese enterprises are actively promoting trade; innovating product designs and packaging, and improving quality to meet the increasing demand of Chinese consumers. In addition, beverage exporters also focus on promoting their products and brands on communication channels.

There have been Vietnamese coffee enterprises penetrating deeply into the Chinese market and have a strong foothold in this market.

Pepper exports to Europe nearly doubled

According to the Agency of Foreign Trade (Ministry of Industry and Trade), in the first quarter of this year, Vietnam’s pepper export value to most market regions increased compared to the first quarter of 2021, except for Oceania, which decreased by 44.6 %. In which, the export speed of pepper to Europe increased the most (up 92.9%) and nearly doubled. Followed by America (up 63.5%); Africa (up 10.3%) and Asia (up 6.4%).


Thanks to such a strong increase, in the total pepper export turnover, the proportion of pepper export to Europe increased from 20.21% in the first quarter of 2021 to 28.08% in the first quarter of 2022. On the opposite side, the proportion of pepper export to Asia accounted for 33.99% of the total export value in the first quarter of 2022, lower than the 44.33% contribution of the first quarter of 2021.

Over the last first quarter, several single markets in Europe had triple-digit growth in export turnover of Vietnamese pepper such as Germany, up 178.9%, and the Netherlands up 100.1%.

In 2021, the EU imports of pepper from the world market reached EUR 413.74 million ($438.56 million), an increase of 28.3% compared to 2020. In which, the EU imported pepper from Vietnam reached EUR 123 million (USD 130.45 million), up 46.9% compared to 2020. Vietnam’s pepper market share accounts for 29.75% of the total import value of the EU, higher than the 25.98% contribution in 2020.

The Agency of Foreign Trade forecasts that in 2022, the EU will continue to increase pepper imports from Vietnam.

Agro-products exported to Brazil experienced strong growth

At the Consulting session on exporting to Brazil held by the Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on May 6, Mr. Ngo Xuan Ty, Head of the Vietnam Trade Office in Brazil, stated that the export of many products from Vietnam increased sharply in the first 3 months of this year, in which agro-products such as seafood products reached $32.16 million, up 73%; rubber reached $6.85 million, up 66.81%; rattan, bamboo, sedge and carpet products reached $609.79 thousand, up 25.6% …

According to Deputy Director of the Export Promotion Center (Trade Promotion Agency), Brazil is the largest consumer market in South America with a population of up to 200 million people. On average, each year, Brazil imports more than $236 billion of goods; of which 30% of the imported goods come from Asia.

Currently, Brazil is Vietnam’s largest trading partner in South America; while Vietnam is also Brazil’s largest trading partner in Southeast Asia. However, the trade relationship between the two countries is still modest, Vietnam’s export to this market only accounts for 1.4% of Brazil’s import demand.

It is forecasted that in the coming time, the export of consumer goods to Brazil will increase when the quarantine measures and social distancing are completely removed; and the vaccination campaign is carried out nationwide at a rapid rate with a high rate of vaccine coverage. Vietnam’s products with export advantage can promote the development of the Brazilian market when consumer demand is very high while Brazil is not a difficult market.

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